Wednesday, 30 April 2008

London Elections

I'm certainly ready to vote tomorrow. I'm frankly petrified at the idea of Buffoon Boris getting in. I think it will mean a disaster for public services, crime and anti-terrorism, and ethnic minorities. And London being taken seriously as the capital ever again.

A Facebook group shares my sentiments.

Having just spent 2 and a half hours getting home from central London to my suburban family home, I can safely say that we need all the investment in London transport that we can spare. At the moment, there's too much congestion, too many rubbish bus drivers, and simple things like rain manage to put the whole system in meltdown.

Surprisingly, I'm still in a good mood after all of that!

The actual voting process looks pretty complex, with 3 separate ballots and a second-choice section - I wonder how many people will invalidate their ballots?


Anonymous said...

Who're Ya gonna go for, Mel?!

Mel said...

Tsk tsk, Minx 'tis a secret ballot! I think anyway, the whole thing is very confusing.

Suffice to say I don't think presenting 'Have I got News for You' qualifies you to act as the CEO of a city of millions of people, and billions in resources!

I'm probably a Lib Dem at heart, but I'm happy with what Ken is working towards for London.

Swiss Tony said...

I just discovered that our local Conservative candidate lives in a caravan and is claiming to be a Gypsy so that she can stay on the greenbelt defeating the councils eviction notice.

Who told me? My local Labour candidate of course!

I just discovered that my local Labour candidate is claiming disability benefits for a chronic back injury, but has been lumping a bag full of newsletters all over the region.

Who told me? My local Conservative candidate of course!

How I wish I could just vote for Boris. An idiot is an idiot in anyones book, but we just have criminals to vote for round here.

Mel said...

Being an idiot doesn't preclude also being a crook, though, surely?!

Sounds like you live in a good old fashioned rotten borough!

Swiss Tony said...

Is Boris a crook as well, or just an idiot?

Obviously the flaw in my comment was that anyone trying to be elected to local government and claiming Gyspy rights in order to thwart the law is a bit of a fruitcake. People don't like that sort of thing do they.(?)

And claiming disability allowance while not being disabled is a bit stupid too. Probably because all the local voters will find it funny that a councilor has been caught while they get away with it.

Living in rotten borough I think comes with living in England. Isn't the whole country rotten by now?

Switzerland is the new England.

simply wondered said...

voting is like making love to a beautiful woman.
you get screwed.
(with many apologies to swiss tony who really should have got there before me)

i was a little confused by the lack of a box for my favourite candidate 'anybody but that stupid bastard boris'. i'm so glad real people share the sentiment and hope they all know that they can vote for a candidate they like and then make ken second choice to stuff the tory loon. ken said as much himself; didn't make him sound tooooo desperate, honest.
it's almost as tricky as writing the essay in russian in the word verification device on blogspot blogs. as the great sid waddell would have said: 'there's only one word for that: word press'

Mel said...

Hey simply

All the newspaper articles (er, well if you include thelondonpaper as a newspaper..!) seem to be of the opinion that the race is really being fought for the second preference votes- particularly those voting for the Lib Dem candidate.

Funny how the London and US elections both seem to be dominated by the 'anybody but that buffoon' candidate!


Switzerland – those no-good-for-nothing lefty peaceniks! I wouldn't mind living in a country that didn't have a standing army, or overtax its people to pay for nuclear weapons. (I assume they don't have an army…?)

I hate hearing people say 'this country has gone to the dogs' (as some bloke in the bus queue was last night). It's so defeatist! And it's the kind of thing that I imagine people have been telling themselves for centuries, too. Hope people, and change…and hope for change, and change to hope…wait, where have I heard that from?!

Yeah, politics is crappy and we're all disillusioned but if we give up we relinquish control to those who shouldn't have it and fail to follow the main check and balance of a democracy - that we take an interest and keep a watchful eye! Or summat like that.

Must remember to vote tonight!

Android said...

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