Monday, 6 October 2008

Made me laugh on a bleak Monday morning-

I googled 'ICSL' and 'FRU' and my own blog came up as the third link - not what I was expecting! And yes, I realise I clearly haven't honed my research skills, but google is always worth a click or two to see what you find.

I'm applying, as you may have gathered, for the FRU option at ICSL/City Law School. I have to demonstrate why I should be on the course, and what I bring to the course. Not quite sure! Mad skilz, clearly.

To be honest, I intend to do FRU whether I get on the course or not (24 places only), and so being on the course will just enable me to do more FRU work than my schedule would allow otherwise. Not sure if that's something I should mention that bluntly.

Things seem pretty quiet on the blog front, which is hardly surprising as the weather gets colder, and wetter and everyone harbours a partial desire to bed down and hibernate for the winter! Not much going on at this end either, just getting to know my group, and getting on with the course. I don't think I've managed to impress anyone yet, with my stunning advocacy which involved my getting up there, saying 'errrrrr' for a long time and then freezing stock still. Better luck this week, ay!