Sunday, 27 April 2008


In my eagerness to be Super-Efficient-Bar-Student next year (I will do the BVC, work evenings, do FRU, learn a language, and write the constitution for a small country or two) I may have overlooked a few things.

Like the need to dine. That will be restricted by whatever evenings I'm working, doh. It's a shame, I think I'd have clocked up about 3 sessions already if I'd thought ahead. Although they were at Middle and prob over 3 years ago so may not count. Oh well, dining will be fun - the food will be good at least! And it will be very nice to go back to Cumberland Lodge if I get a spot there.

I may have to go shopping for new suits etc. I could take my parents to dine a few nights, that would be nice. I could even take Boy's parents (although Boy is being a pain in the unmentionables at the moment so maybe not).

I do hope I'm not surrounded by a bunch of keenos though. (my own keeness is irritating enough). Last time I went on one of those dinners, I was sat next to two very nice barristers (one a judge actually) but the student opposite had the biggest chip on his shoulder. He insisted that he was much better off for having gone to Manchester rather than Oxford (the alma mater of one of the barristers I do believe) and then continued on to name drop that he was related to David Pannick, QC. Which is fine, except that when the barrister tried to talk about Pannick's work he seemed spectacularly ignorant of it. I mentioned his Times articles in an attempt to further the conversation and was brushed aside.

It seemed to me (and I am in a spectacularly bad mood today, so my hindsight may be more black-than rose tinted) that he was a snobbish boor who had no social skills whatsoever. Being an 'oxbridge reject' is only a problem if you make it one. And going on about how Manchester was soo much better and he was soo glad he hadn't gone to Oxford just smacked of sour grapes and defensiveness. It's also never a good idea to put down the achievements of others- i.e talking about how 'rubbish' and 'narrow minded' an Oxford education makes you...when sat with an Oxon grad! I do wonder where the slightly simian fool, with all his gold rings ever ended up.

Murphys law suggests he'll be in my BVC group!

Bring it on in any case, I can't wait- I'm longing for some intellectual stimulation. All this temping is, to put it most delicately, doing my nut in!


Anonymous said...

Hiya Mel,
Though I should be the LAST person you hear this from, be careful not to tire yourself out - the BVC is a STRANGE course, a mix of the academic and the practical and occiasionally keeping a foot in both is bloody hard work all by it self!
(I wish I had the time to learn a language though, it's something that has to stand you in good stead!)
Dining is generally walloping good fun and its easy to pick up the necessary number of Qualifying Sessons - Cumberland Lodge, for one, is ( at least at Middle) worth 3 such beasties thereby giving you the added bonuses of bieng with a bunch of VERY senior barristers for two days while enjoying good food and far too much booze in the most wonderful setting ( even the bedrooms are fab!!)
Suit shopping is tantamount to the Quest for the Holy Grail where the Bar Student is concerned - you either end up with several which you mix and match, or you splurge on one OBSCENELY expensive piece of kit which will have to last you to the next Olympics!!!
Do take your parents to dinner - I think its a nice experience and, for me at least was a small token of thanks for all their support durng this malarkey. In fact, take EVERYONE!!!(Including Boy/Boy's Parents!)
Sod the " I could have been a contender" chipees; the fact that they cant get even a mini pupillage will be something they blame on everyone but themselves. Go figure! I have no doubt that there will be such boors about on the course, but I am confident it will sort them out without you even having to SLIGHTLY raise your voice!!

Mel said...

Hi Minx

Indeed I think you're prob one of the original Super Efficient types. Alas, I can but hope and have good intentions. The most I've ever really managed to juggle is scraping by in my degree and keeping up with countless American tv shows.

I don't know, the likes of Nick the Prick de lacy Brown getting pupillage suggests otherwise, no?

I think suits wise I will end up buying several that I will still hate and find I have nothing to wear- that's usually how it works!

I would like to keep the old French ticking over though, it's a bit Del-boy at the mo.

For now, mangetout, mangetout!

Android said...

Being out of London, I was dreading the qualifying sessions. Next thing I know - I've already done 12 (even without the Call!). Times flies when you're having fun :)

Mr Pineapples said...

P went on a dining night to Inner (some years back). Sat next to two toal arses - who spent the whole evening sneaking off to the gents to snort some coke.

I kid you not.

TIP: for each dining night keep documentation/proof because when you submit your call papers - they will tell you that there a few dinners still to do..

Believe The P...

Mel said...

Hello Mr Pineapples, thanks for the tip.

I think I have learned the hard way the necessity of keeping documentary evidence - failure to do so nearly got me kicked out of uni.

That and studying in continental europe, where in order to do anything you have to show university certificates, letters, 4 forms of ID, passport pictures, dental records, etc, and your mother's primary school reports.

You'd think I'd be a wizz at handling bureaucracy by now!