Monday, 7 April 2008

A girl walks into a Bar...

...and hasn't the foggiest why.

"Why law, why the Bar?"

These were the first questions asked of me by 3 lovely-seemings barristers today, at a scholarship interview for a BVC award.

I respond with a rabbit-in-the-headlights look, and didn't really improve much beyond that throughout the remaining 25 minutes.

Did it go well, you ask? Well, I bought a lot of chocolate on the way home. A lot. Course, on the way home I also thought of all the bright, keen things I should have said to sell myself better. And then I decided to act on Law Minx's suggestion of starting a blog, if nothing else than for cathartic relief after that horrid experience.

So, this is me. Mel. Why do I want to go to the Bar? Lord only knows- apparently the easy life is not for me.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Mel,

Welcome to the Ether!! I'm soooo glad you've decided to blog - it is, as you say,a form of catharsis; I look forward to reading what you have to say with considerable interest!!
(PS: I am SURE that your interview went FAR better than you think or believe)

Legal Lass said...


You probably did much better than you thought you did - from what I recall - Minxy and I both thought we had totally flunked - and both got scholarships, so I am sure it is the same with you!

Welcome to the blogosphere.

I'll link you when my exams are over and I have a bit more time.


Mel said...

Aw, thanks. I hope it goes the same, although I really made some stinkers. At least they weren't bored, but it wasn't the right kind of entertained look on their faces!

Still, no point worrying about it now. Onwards and upwards!