Thursday, 10 April 2008

Signed up for a year of pain

Handed over my deposit cheque at ICSL yesterday. The poor secretary might have needed to pry it out of my hands, but they have it now.

So I'm officially signed up for the BVC next year, woo!

Actually quite looking forward to it too.

Wonder what I'll do along side to suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Damned PAINFUL letting go of the bloody thing, isn't it? Still, no pain, no gain, I'm afraid. Welcome to the wonderful world of the bar student!

Swiss Tony said...

Mel, Assuming the deposit is the same as mine, £325, just wait until you hand over the 'Big one!'

Interested in why you chose ICSL over the others. I visited all 3 (London venues) and couldn't decide between them. They all say they are the best, all do the same course, all have the same facilities.

In the end, someone told me that CofL is run by alcoholics, which got my vote. If only because it meant the person who told me won't be going there! I never did like him.

It will be interesting to see how your blog differs from mine once the action starts in September.

Swizz xx

Mel said...

No, mine was 495 keyboard has no pounds sign. That is the same price as the very nice Bayswater bag, chez John Lewis, It wasn't so much the cost as my fearing commitment of any sort.

I had the same difficulty choosing, made more difficult by the fact that I was out of the country. History and price won out. And the FRU option chez ICSL.

I think it's safe to assume that most barristers are drunkards (have you ever dined at the Inns, liquor sloshing all about!). But I like your approach.

Yes, I'm rather new to this stuff, but why not? It's nice to be able to read other people's experiences, you do feel a bit of a nutter when all your friends are well into training contracts. There is comfort in being amongst other nutters...well, a comfort of sorts.

I shall prompty visit your site and add you to my list. Love the name by the way...used to work for a man nicknamed Swiss tony!

Swiss Tony said...

Mel, I must have been given a discount because I paid in 'Threshers vouchers' for my deposit, and wrapped them around a bottle of Jack Daniels.

I haven't dined yet. Saving the pleasure. Or just haven't got around to it yet. I think I may prefer to meet up with my course buddies and go with one of them so I don't make a fool of myself.

Actually, didn't you find choosing Inn the same as choosing where to study? I couldn't decide so went for IT, for not a single reason I can think of.

Thanks for linking to my blog. If I find out how to do it I will reciprocate. We can't know everything can we, but at least I know where the pound sign is!

Swizz xx

Mel said...

I did try to offer Kellogg's box tops but they were out of date. Doh.

Don't think my comp actually has one- I bought it in the States, and so they naturally disregard all other languages and currencies.

I dined while at uni- actually my first was at IT. They are commonly thought to have the best wine cellar, so good choice! Wish I'd thought to take note of them somehow, apparently they could have counted towards the however many is needed to be called. Doh again!

Actually I chose MT...and then swerved and chose Lincoln's even though I'd originally thought it too big and imposing. No idea why! Although actually, the very same thing happened with my uni choice...

Are you on a degree course then, or working at the mo?

Swiss Tony said...


I am doing the GDL having spent 20 years following a career in something completely different to law. (My blog explains why I got into law)

So I am working full time, running my own business and doing about 60 hours a week work, plus whatever uni work I can fit around it.

Fortunately money is not an issue, but unfortunately time is.

Android said...

I handed in my last instalment couple of days ago *sniff*

Tony, 60 hours?! That's crazy. :O

Mel said...

60 hours is muy loco!