Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Gots to pay those (BVC) bills...

So, part of my 5-year plan (that always makes me think of Stalinist Russia, is that just me?) is to do as much as I can before actually attempting to get a pupillage. Load up the old CV, and frankly try and learn more about the world. If I'm going to be locked into a profession for 30,40, 50 years then I want to doss about for a bit longer, thank you.

So on graduation, I didn't follow on the conveyor belt to LPC or BVC along with the other 95% of my year. Firstly, I wanted to get some experience. Second, I wanted to work out what area of law I actually wanted to practice in (seems so different in practice than when studying in your degree). Third, I wanted to get some better references having fallen out with my personal tutor (that's a post for a different day, probably one when I'm feeling bitter).

Also, I wanted to earn some money. Part of my plan for the year involved gallavanting around the world. No Thai beaches for me, but maybe some legal type work in Europe or the US?

So I temped for 5 months, earned enough to pay my overdrafts and credit card and to fund a stint on Death Row in the States. I keep referring to it as that, I of course mean that I was on internship, not that I was incarcerated unfairly. Or that I killed anyone, although have harbored such thoughts for previously mentioned tutor....Moving on!

The internship and few months in the US was AMAZING. It was so nice, and interesting, and really lit a fire under my bum. Figuratively speaking. I am so committed to doing good, social interest work. I always have been, but before you really see what it's all about, it's easy to plump for the security and shoe-buying power of corporate work.

I'm now back, and have to temp for another month to cover my costs for my next 3 month stint in the States (New York this time).

Going from really really interesting work to admin is really soul crushing. Going from working out a way to bring down the Death Penalty, and preparing cross-examination filing and typing. Total culture shock.

Still, it's a means to an end!

PS- I don't really have a 5 year plan. I'm kinda just stumbling along...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,

It's no use denying that you have a 5 year plan because you plainly do! You went off and paid your student debt and then did some Death Row work - VERY Impressive!! I take it, then, that Human Rights Lawis the field for you-have you done any mini p's in this area?
As to funding the exciting aspects of life with the heinously boring, something has to be done to live the dream, no? I tend to thank my lucky stars that I don't have to do said heinous boring task for the rest of my existence...!

Mel said...

My five year plan is more a 'few year's plan' - as in that's probably how long I can get away without having to get a 'real' job.

I haven't done any yet- but will be applying soon. Yes, Human rights, Public Law, Employment is what I want to do. International law, additionally but I'm almost certain that that is the stuff of dreams.

But quite right, it's good motivation in a way. Imagine if this was my career. That's in no way being disrespectful to people who have careers in admin, but it's not for me - I don't need a 9-5 at the mo.