Monday, 14 April 2008

So, I have to like...use my brain?!

Little to do at work these days, so have been working on my first FRU opinion when bored.

I realised today: Law is Hard!

I hadn't realised how tricky being a lawyer actually is! It's not like a problem question, like we had at uni, you have to consider the power relationships, and whether you want to keep the employer on side, whether you have evidence to back up the claims and what ultimately your client (hypothetical still, mind) really wants and what's best for them. It's quite a game, balancing it all and trying to work out what the other side will do...

And before you can do any of that, you have to REALLY know what the law is. Can't fudge it as you did in the good 'ole exams (or more aptly, smudge it...which was a tactic used by a friend when he couldn't quite remember a case name so left a squiggle of ink, smudged with his finger in the hopeful the examiner would give him the benefit of the doubt).

And the law really is a complex matter.

Oh dear, it's a bit late for these sort of revelations!


Anonymous said...

They're not easy to please, those FRU Bods, are they?!?! It's actually pretty scary to realise that when your opinion passes muster, and after a bit of training ( which I'm sure you will do, Mel) you will be looking after real people with real problems - that's what scares and enthralls me the most about the law, to be honest....

Android said...

FRU sounds awesome. I'm sure you'll conquer it!

But I agree with you - law is hard :)