Saturday, 3 May 2008


Mel is very sad. We had the choice. Lots of choices, but really only a choice between A and B.

A- had experience of dealing with a budget of billions, gained the Olympics, got crime down 5% year on year, and was working to improve transport.

B- had funny hair. Said he would do a bunch of things which sound good but when you think about it, don't work. Like making it illegal for tube-workers to strike. Like in NY, where they go on strike anyway.

And resoundingly, Londoners went for B.

I blame Angus Deaton. If only he'd kept it in his trousers, none of this would have happened.


Anonymous said...

You lucky LUCKY Lot - Big Blond Boris allowing the likes of Porsche and Ferrari to enter the city unmolested by any kind of environmental gas guzzling charge in a secret ploy to run down the capital's populace of 'feral' kids!
I am GREEN with envy.Not.
You have my profound sympathies at this unfortunate time, Mel - Big Hugs!

Mel said...

Thanks minx. I've no idea what's happened in the news this weekend, because I've been switching it off when they mention it.

I do think that the congestion charge was a big factor. All the people in the boroughs thinking that they would really like to be able to drive into London free. Screw the environment, and everyone else they'll be able to drive their Chelsea tractors in! Even if there's no parking. And driving in London is just a bad idea generally. And that the charge was pumped back into transport, which benefited everyone.

Short-sighted selfishness is a pain. Grrr.

Swiss Tony said...

But don't you think with Boris it will all go cataclysmicly wrong and he will at least be more honest than any other politician and say sorry.

How refreshing to do that rather than hold an enquiry headed by your best mate who absolves you of any responsibility.

Isn't the job running London rather than saving the planet? As a car driver I really couldn't be bothered to drive into London, but take a train and leave my car at home with the engine running just to keep my carbon footprint up.

Most politicians are a joke. At least Boris is amusing with it.

Run Boris Run.

Mel said...

All I will say on this is "grrr argh".

I don't believe it for a minute, swiss soz!

Oh...that was me saying a bit more than grr argh. Grr argh again.