Wednesday, 7 May 2008

To do list

It is May. This has, for the last 7 years, been the time of exams. For 7 years, the beauty of a summer's day in London (particularly the nice leafy, green parts of North London where my rents live) has been downright spoiled by the need to bury one's head in a book that one would really rather kick into the (inviting) long grass.

Until this year. This May, I have no exams. No dissertations, and nothing to revise. Hooray indeed. Freedom!

Except, I'm still waking up every morning in a panic and have that constant flood of adrenalin in my stomach. I can't stop stressing out! What's wrong with me? Is my body just doing what it's learned to do over the last near decade of degree, A-levels etc? (No it didn't take me 7 years to do Alevels and a degree, I was adding GCSE's for effect and I had a year abroad...anyway, back away from the tangent!).

I have a ma-hoosive to-do list. I leave in 7 days for the Big Apple and I still have to pack, sort out travel money, find a place to live, work out how to pay for the BVC from abroad, apply for a loan, get payment from jury duty last summer, whoops, finish off some work from my internship loooong overdue, bajillion letters to write, apply for a whole bunch of jobs...crap crap crap I still haven't joined an Inn so I have to get all those forms done in my lunch hour.

The last is an issue as the uni administrator is particular cranky and unpleasant. And it's not the last as there's lots more on the list- including sorting out my utter utter pigsty of a room.

For practical reasons (as I've been moving around so much this year) and financial ones (a well-stocked fridge is nice to come home to) I've been back at home this year. This means that my poor mum has to put up with my room being more of a hovel. I, the slob that I am, can put up with just clearing a space in the general area of my bed to collapse onto each night. But this really cannot do, I'm meant to be a sofisticate, init? This is the blog of a 22 year old, not some stroppy Kevin teen!

The only problem with huge to-do lists is that I think about all the things I have to do and then go 'I couldn't possibly do all of that eeeeeeek' and then proceed to get stressed and do nothing. Thereby giving myself the same stuff to do in less time. With less hair, as I will have pulled it all out by then.

See earlier post on exam stress!

I think I'm one of those people who are always claiming to be busy, but never really get anything actually done...Must do better! Going to clear at least 5 things* on the list before bed tonight.

Now, must find paper and pen to write said list. *Mel ventures into Room. She may be gone a while*

*Writing a list totally counts as one thing.


Anonymous said...

( Cue cheesy Soap Opera organ music)*Will Mel accomplish her exhaustive to do list?! Will the cranky and unpleasant university admin permit our heroine to fill in the requisite mountain of forms in time or will he/she have dastartly designs upon her lunch hour?! Will cleaning the pigsty of a room engender the discovery of new and as yet unclassified life forms?!?! Or will our Heroine eschew the horrors of it all, and go for beverage at Neros/Starbucks/coffee house of choice in order to further contemplate exactly what it is that needs to be done, and it what order?! Stay tuned,folks, for the next episode of ' A Girl Walks into A Bar'!*

My GOD, Mel, you've got it all going on there! I shall have to nickname you The Magician, because you will pull it all out of the hat at the very last minute!!!!

Android said...

You sure have a busy life!

I hope you've managed to do all the things you planned :)

Mel said...

Thanks 'Droid.

Will def have to get the old bank situation sorted as I just heard I didn't get any scholarship :(

Bit miffed, as I knew it went badly but I thought maybe my CV might be strong enough- and I was using it as a bit of a guage for my chances at the Bar.

Oh well, I'm not discouraged (much)- I'll get there, it'll just take a bit longer and more work!

Minxy- the Magician- I like that!

Android said...

I'm sorry that you didn't get a scholarship :(

But don't let that get you down :)

Anonymous said...

I, too, am sorry that you didn't get a scholarship, Mel - but dont use that as a gauge as to your chances of success at the bar; seems to me that you are doing everything absolutely right!

Mel said...

Thanks guys - I'm over it.

I didn't go to Oxbridge, I didn't get a first and now I haven't got a scholarship. Does that make me a no-hoper for the Bar?

No- it makes me the underdog! :P

I think it's more a guage that I'm not brilliant at interviews and need to prep more. I'm fine at putting forward an argument, or being persuasive about long as it's not for myself! Doh...

But onto the next challenge...