Friday, 16 May 2008

NYC- Day 1

So, I've been in New York 24 hours. I arrived last night, but this is my first full day so counting starts here. I'm pretty pleased with myself as I've managed to:

-find an apartment
-open a bank account
-eat a real New York bagel.

Obviously the last one was the most noteworthy- it was a good bagel (with "schmear" haha).
I think that was quick working on my part, given than I've spent at least 5 of the last 24 hours in the subway!

Managed to get past immigration pretty easily, although I think they were confused by my planning on spending 3 months in the country, not working, with no family connection here. I didn't mention the NY Bar as I'm not 100% sure that I'm allowed to do it on a visa waiver...but I'm sure that's fine. Once I'd shown the guy an American Express and a Visa card he seemed ok, and told me to not overstay my visa and to have a nice day.

People tell you that a lot here- so far everyone's friendly. Listening to people's accents and watching how New Yorkers go about their day is keeping me entertained.

So day one and things are going well- except I seem to have brought the weather with me, it's cats and dogs outside!


Michael said...

Yeah, you're definitely right about people being more polite that side of the Atlantic. One thing I always particuarly notice is the frequency with which people say, "you're welcome".

I've only been to NY a couple of times but spent several months over the years in Philadelphia and even done some work experience over there so I know what you're up against. You've definitely moved fast getting things sorted and you seem to be taking most things that are chucked at you in your stride. Well done!

Good luck with the future - I'll be checking your blog with interest.

Mel said...

Thanks Michael!

I've just about got the swing of swooshing through the subway turnstiles like a native, rather than doing the tourist thing of stopping, swiping your card (the wrong way) and then looking up and around a bit while people behind you get antsy...and then gingerly pushing the bar.

I still have my face buried in a map once I get through though!

I really want to see the rest of the US- Philly included. It's so interesting culturally (especially how we're so different in England, and so much the same?), I know we get so much of it from tv, but up close is just different.

Android said...

Sounds like you're having fun already! I'd love to visit NY some time, but I hate flying :(

Are you going to be living in the centre?

Like Michael, I look forward to reading more about your adventures :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,

Glad to see that you've enjoyed happy landings in the Apple!
I've been to NY a couple of times and fount it a bit like marmite -you either love or hate it; personally I loved every smelly inch of it ( shopping for hats/knickers/shoes/handbags and stuffing my face with all manner of exciting food notwithstanding!)
I really hope that everything you have planned works out with nobs on!!
Will you be back in the UK in time for the as yet loosely suggested august blogfest? If so, I hope you'll be able to come!!

Mel said...

Hey 'droid!

I won't be staying in the Manhattan/the village- which is where I'm studying. I planned to look for places in Manhattan or the top part of Brooklyn, and then I found somewhere in a nice part of Brooklyn about 20 mins from NYU so I took that (rather than traipsing around looking for a place in the Village). The ads that I had seen, the places are quite old, and for a nice place it would have been a lot of moolah! But Brooklyn is cool, I'm happy that I'll be staying there. The 'commute' is less than in other parts of Manhattan, which is good.

I'm near a big park - I need to have green near me!

Hey Minx,

Merci - and I think I'm going to love it. Hell, I already do! Everything is so fast and super charged, and just...full of life! Even the bank manager was a really cool dude, had some good chat. Bank managers back home-

I should be back for some of August, I guess it depends when the 'fest happens!