Tuesday, 13 May 2008

This girl's off to NYC!


Bar prep class = $3200

Bar exam and costs = $700

Flights to Newark, NY = £350

Anticipation of getting on that plane and hitting the Big Apple tomorrow= Priceless.

Ok, so the above doesn't factor in all that stuff on all my many to-do and to-buy lists (crap, still have to get insurance...), and the fact that I still have to see the dentist, doctor and the bank manager before I go tomorrow but...that wouldn't have fitted the Master card ad format!

I also have a very important final rendevous tomorrow- with the barman of a swanky London cocktail bar and some friends. I figure I won't get any sleep on the flight anyway, and the only thing that will make those awful in-flight movies bearable will be blind drunkeness. I intend to hit NY with a massive hangover- starting as I mean to go on.

Posting may be intermittent 'til I'm settled!


Anonymous said...

EEEE! You're on your way, Miss Magician! Safe Journey, and, as they say in the land of my fathers, Enjoyo!! :)

Lost London Law Student said...

Good luck, be safe and have fun!

Swiss Tony said...

I can't believe you are doing this. How exciting. I expect daily blogging to keep up with it all.

Nice legs by the way!

Android said...

I hope you have a lovely time in NY!

Mel said...

Thanks for all the good wishes!