Monday, 19 May 2008

NYC- Day 4- shirking already

Went down to the BarBri office today to see about my pass, books etc. They said I could pick them up whenever so I think I'll wait until Thursday, which is when I can move into my summer place and so save myself having to lug a suitcase of books around the city twice. Which is just as well seeing as I don't have a spare case.

Thursday however is also the first day of class, and I think I'm meant to read one of the books before class...looks like I'm starting this in the same way as all my other academic pursuits- lazily!

After going to the Barbri office I wandered round NY, getting my bearings, all bug-eyed like a true tourist. Times Square reminded me of Piccadilly circus...but bigger! High buildings etc. Then I just wanted round, getting on the subway and riding around to escape the rain. I found a cool little organic food market at Union Square, to the soundtrack of a couple of hipster buskers singing 'One more cup of coffee' and 'Jolene'. Good stuff.

I only stopped when the rain got too heavy- I hadn't taken an umbrella so my pretzel was getting soggy!

Boy arrives Wednesday so I have to come up with some cool things for us to do Wednesday night. We can't move in until Thursday, as I mentioned above, so I think I will find a fancy hotel for the night.

Any ideas? I'm thinking I could find a rooftop bar where we could admire the skyline and sip a champagne cocktail?

PS- People keep stopping me for directions. I must have that kind of face.


Michael said...

How about staying in Trump International for the night? :-P

Mel said...

I looked at it but the idea of giving that man any money is too much for me.

As is the price tag tbh!

Found a nice 4 star on the waterfront, get a suite too- woo!

Anonymous said...

Mel you too have obviously been excessively diverted by the delights of a New York Pretzel (which, if memory serves me is commonly the size of a small block of flats)-its a good thing you didnt have a bagel, if the rain had fallen on that it would have swollen to such an extent you would have been assimliated by the wretched thing, never to be heard from again!!!
Have you done the Diner Brekkie/Sarnie experience yet?! My GOD, it was so screamingly surreal even I was lost for words!!!
Generally, I'm glad to read that you are having fun in the Apple and that Boy's arrival will make it all totally perfect!

Mel said...

It was huge! A huge mass of delicious, salty bread. A balanced, nutritious lunch, indeed!

What is the Diner Brekkie/Sarnie think? Please explain further, I am intrigued!

Have just discovered a fab pizza place at the end of our road- woohoo!

They shall have to roll me onto the plane back home if I keep finding delicious carbs.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the New York Brekkie/Sarnie.
Before embarking on a days Shopping Therapy, er sorry Cultural Enrichment and Sightseeing, I thought I'd fuel up with by having a quick sarnie and a cup of char ( as you do); having spent what seemed like an AGE specifying the type of bread contents,and general accompaniments to said sarnie, my expectations bieng of a rather nice dainty two slice cut in half affair with a couple of crisps and your typical tired UK garnish (exhausted tomato, brown lettuce) but NOOOOOOOO! The culinary BEHEMOTH placed before me defies descripion! It consisted of two very thick slices of bread(wholemeal ) and enough (medium rare, warm) Steak to feed a small country ( so much so that I had to take a lot of it out and put it to one side) accompanied by a mountain of crisps, apple coleslaw ( hugely tasty) and a gherkin (refered to as a "pickle")that wasnt so much a gherkin as a MARROW!!!!! Additionally, I was habitually mugged by the coffee fary who, upon spying that my cup was almost empty, persisted in filling it up ( needless to say trips to the loo that day were more frequent than usual)- and this was just Brunch!! Brekfast is as much fun and the combos wierdly tasty - if you get chance try the Brooklyn Diner on West 57th st ( I think theres one in Times Square, too but I'm not sure) - what those people dont know about eggs isnt worth talking about!!!

Mel said...

If they know one thing, the Yanks can do breakfasts. And sandwiches. Ok that's two things.

I did enjoy many such a feast on my recent internship on the West Coast. I wondered why they were selling half sandwiches (which I thought spectacularly stingy) and then realised- half a sandwich is a decent amount!

I really can't handle coffee...although Boy doesn't mind me sneaking some of his, given that they fill it up constantly. I will try the place you suggested! Part of the reason we wanted to stay in Brooklyn was for the amazing Italian and Jewish delis, pizza places etc!

Anonymous said...

.... Jewish Corned Beef Yum-totally amazing! ( O do shut UP Minx, you are supposed to be on a DIET, for heaven's sake....!!!)

Michael said...

I take it you're not a fan of 'the Donald' then, Mel! Will you be visiting Trump Tower? :-P

Shame you're not a huge fan of Cawfee - still worth swinging by a Wawa for great flavours of coffee - and it's cheaper and not so nearly as pretentious as Starbucks.

Now you've had an authentic pretzel, you've got to try a Philly cheesesteak! The water ices will soon be about in force too - 'Ritas' are the best by far!

Mel said...

Omg food is totally gonna get me through the horrors of the Bar Review Course!

It's a shame I don't really eat meat, grrr!

Trump- does he not give you the creeps?!