Monday, 1 June 2009

Pupillage workshops

I received a letter from my Inn today, amongst other things it was advertising Pupillage workshops for those who have failed to attain pupillage. Now, I have yet to apply but it seems a useful thing to do before applying. It includes being assigned a mentor to help with applications.

Sign me up I thought! But it's £50. That's a week of unemployment benefit, which I expect to be shortly in receipt of.

Only joking! But I think I will sign up for a workshop when the dates are set. I've been reading other blogs and the Student Room (which I am new to) and it's all making me very nervous for everyone!


barmaid said...

Do we really need to pay £50 to be told where we went wrong?

I do wonder about our Inn sometimes:-)

Mel said...

I know, surely it would make more sense to host a workshop or education events before application season, rather than helping those who need it after the fact? If they don't need help it doesn't matter either way, and if you can save someone a year's wasted application surely that's better?

Are you done with dining BM? I still have 5 to go. I shan't be called for a while I imagine!

barmaid said...

Grand total of 2 dining sessions completed! Looks like I have a whole load of eating lined up:-)

Law Minx said...

It's very nice to have an Inn Mentor - someone waving the flag for your side who is actually on the inside, so to speak. Mine has been most EXCELLENT, and continues in her unflagging support as Chief Legal Tissue Box Holder and Willing Participant in Tantrum Soothing and GBH of the Earhole, so I think EVERYBODY should have one!
Its a bit much of your inn to charge you £50 for a post mortem - a sponsor ( who is often a pupil supervisor him or herself) is willing to help/assist with for free either before or after the event. Still, I should be interested to hear how such a workshop pans out!
Perhaps an even MORE interesting variety of work shop would be an interview one! :)
(eeeee! The STUDENT Room!! The pupillage equivalent of the PANIC room!!!!! Another place for me to avoid in my "LaLaLaLa I am not paying ANY attention to my apps WHATSOEVER" strategy in surviving this years stargate hell!!!)
PS: Word Capture: Manglers!!!! £$%%^^^&^$$!!! * flees, screaming into the sunset*

Law Minx said...

Ps: Why dont You both go to your Inns Residential W/e's? Great good fun in fab settings ( that is, of course if you havent already been!)- much eating, drinking and offering of mini pupillages....!!!

Mel said...

Think the deadline's passed for the coming residential weekend, but I do hope to go on one in the Autumn maybe.

BM - if you're dining in the July session let me know! I'm going to be hardcore and do 5 in a week, I think!

barmaid said...

I was having a look at the July dates yesterday and do need to get at least one (or preferably 2) session(s) in before my second year of BVC.

I'll let you know in a week or two when I've got the dreaded exam stuff out of the way.

Anonymous said...

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Please tell as many other students as possible, the more that use it, the better the data

The Frustrated Applicant said...

I did the Pupillage Foundation Scheme, I presume this is what you're on about?

It's rather good, I have certainly received more interviews as a result of it and the £50 goes towards the booze & nibbles you get after each session... it works out rather nicely actually.

Mel said...

Thanks for the input, yes if it will help then it's a good investment.

Good to hear that you had a good experience with it.