Thursday, 4 June 2009

I think I might heart Obama a little

I'm a big cynic, frankly I consider cynicism to be a democratic duty. And of course, Obama's speech today was just words and hasn't translated into action - the only true test of a politicians worth.

But what a difference having a literate President makes! Quotes from 3 holy books and well-placed historical references, and not a one of them mangled (by a pretzel or otherwise). I think it was a smart speech and I'm encouraged for USA-Middle East links.

PS- Don't forget to do your democratic duty and vote today! Even if they're all blood-sucking, corrupt scum (according to the media image today), best to have your say, ay?

PPS- There's no bloody point, when the current PM is making Suralan a Lord. Because he's such a great businessman that we all have Amstrad computers at home, don't we? Exactly what the present govt needs.
Any remaining confidence I had in Brown's sense now gone.


Law Minx said...

I've just been to do my bit for Democracy, and voted for the Monster Raving Looney candidate - really!!

Anonymous said...


I dont know what to do. I have never abstained, and always told off people that did (inc my parents - my par was particulary bad), but I cant bring myself to put that cross in the box.

Mel said...

Go vote! Spoil your ballot paper if really don't want to vote. But I'd say just vote for a marginal party if you're fed up with the mainstream.

I'm a faithful Lib Demmer, has to be said!

Anyone going to the Liberty Conference this weekend?

Swiss Tony said...

Minxy, is Gordon Brown your local MP then?

Mel, I will do my bit. Not voting my usual way because the thieving scumbag slapper MP I usually vote for claimed £125K in expenses last year, so I shall seek out an alternative that I think will be better value for money. Lets hope one of them has the initials BVC. That will clinch it for me. BVC and value for money go hand in hand


Mel said...

Swiss, biting satire there!

125k, was that exaggeration for effect or close to the actual figure? As in twice their salary?

Seems some MPs forgot what an actual salary is for. Stuff like food, housing, clothes.

I think part of the new rules should be that MPs have to kit out their second homes exclusively from Freecycle. Stained and worn Ikea sofas are very 'now', you know?

Anonymous said...

Laetitia Cash is on my bar course. Pretty angry I helped subsidise her.
Has put me off politics for life. Voting is a waste of a summer afternoon.

Mel said...

Really? Wow. Although there were indeed a couple of people on my course who were waiting to be airlifted into safe seats soon as the next opportunity arose. I expect that will come sooner, now.

Talking of subsidising, I was chatting politely to a girl on my course- who wasn't exactly a star in the making, not in my eyes anyway - re her applications. She told me she hadn't made any, because she'd decided the Bar wasn't for her.

Fair enough I thought, though maybe you could have worked that out before the investment of time and money in the course?

"Oh, but it's alright cos I got a full scholarship so I didn't waste any of my own money- I'd be so annoyed if I had!".

It took everything in me not to snarl at her. She's now looking for a job in politics.

Anonymous said...

NO WAY. The inns should be picking up on this!!!

There are a few people on my course who have changed their minds - i think they realise that its not the big earner they thought it was etc, but I don't know if they had scholarships.

Some are on it just to get the title and go into politics anwyway of course!

Swiss Tony said...

When I went to vote y'day, I realised that I had missed my calling. Politics. Had I thought to put myself forward for election, all the voters in my area had the choice of the big 3 or 1 independent.

I bet he wins a landslide. That could have been me!

Mel said...

The ballot paper in our area was about a yard long, all the main parties plus the marginals (with the lovely BNP at the top) and about 3 independents at the bottom- where most people probably didn't unfold it anyway! Felt bad for them, less likely to get random votes, surely?

Run in the general election, Swiss!

Swiss Tony said...

Mel, The slip for the EU election was like a roll of newspaper, with BNP at the top. Our local election only had 4 to choose from.

I might go for the general election, but unless Brown can hang on desperately to his job, and keep at least someone in his cabinet until then I don't fancy my chances.

Its one of those moments that is a once in a lifetime. Trust me to miss it.


Mel said...

Oh yeh. Think I'm having a blonde moment. I don't think we had local elections here...

For all my encouraging others to vote, I was a bit useless - realised I didn't actually know what I was voting for on the way there. Not quite as bad as the last vote- which I missed because I forgot on the day to go down to the Embassy to vote (I'm a dual citizen you see).

I didn't feel that bad about it after though - when the incumbent was voted in with a landslide. Landslide probably bigger than the electorate, but there you go.

Trophies said...

Obama rocks! Shame for us Brits that Gordon Brown is a total idiot. Can't wait to use my first vote to get him out!