Saturday, 23 May 2009

Stream of consciousness

It's been a while. I've been all over, everywhere recently (mentally, not so much physically) except here. How are y'all doing out here?

Some of the highlights of recent weeks:

House moving and new job (both Boy) ; job applications (me from this point onwards); part time work; surprisingly high rate of return of interviews for applications (in fact for 4 odd applications recently I've been offered 4 interviews. Doesn't necessarily say much except that my applications for those positions were good) all of which were legal but not Olpas or pupillage related I should add; illess; missed exams; mucho stress; some dining but still haven't hit the magic 11 dining sessions yet, and not likely to anytime soon; probable likelihood of more missing of deadlines in the next few weeks; exciting Human Rights research; re-alignment of some 'Dream chambers' upon realisation that some really aren't dream chambers and do a lot more work for the government/employers than I am aiming for (Cab rank rule, I know - but we all know the economic power governs to a large extent the location of those ranks!); Mega- exciting Human Rights opportunity coming up (fingers crossed); sporadic crises of confidence; continuing annoyance with BVC requirements; a flop and near fail in one subject, total surprise, but hey it's a pass; weight loss but not much; lack of sleep, abundance of chocolate and painkillers; loss of faith in GPs; and more stress.

Oh, and also:(back to Boy) fights over washing up re quantity, frequency, responsibility and standard of*; and continually wondering where my post and parcels are because Royal Mail insist that I pick them up from their centre at an undisclosed location between the hours of 10.30 and 11.30 weekdays, wearing a red rose and with 5 forms of ID and my primary school report.

Phew. Need a nap. And a new suit (combination of old one getting tatty, and skirt a bit too loose: see weight loss above). Need funds for this. Funding of new suits rather incompatible with commitment to voluntary and pro bono work that seems necessary to align oneself as a Barrister- that-does-helping-people-law these days.

Where do said Human Rights Barristers and other go-getting professionals get the energy?

*Regarding the washing up, this is my position:
  • I have cooked you delicious food, and so it's not really fair for you to complain about the resulting washing up. I realise takeaway entails less dishes, but its bad for you and costs a lot more.
  • Further, even if you do the washing up it doesn't count if it doesn't meet my 2-stage washing up test afterwards (dish/implement clean on quick visual inspection, and squeaks to the touch when wet).
  • Finally, I have done loads of washing up, you just don't notice. In any case- they're your dishes...
  • The only think more boring about washing up dishes, is talking about it. Followed by posting about it, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mel

Nice to hear your news. Only a week to go then you will be free!

Well done re: the job - when it comes to pupillage interview you will be a shoe in.

Don't worry about 1 cr*p result - you got VCs for everything else so far so you will be fine!!

Anyway back to Criminal opinion - any excuse not to...

Mel said...

Grr Criminal option. I know your pain.

May not pass- between having to go to the Attendance sub committee (missed more than 10% of classes) and missing of exams!

Grrr again!

Thanks btw- more a volunteer position than a job, but still!

Android said...

Hey Mel,

Well done on getting those job interviews! I hope you get the job you want :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - what exams did you miss?

If its medical you will get a first attempt at the resit. If not you will still pass - and at least the pressures off as you will only have to aim for 50%

Also they don't fail you on the attendence thing - they just strongly imply they they will. A girl in my class lied about court visits, make up fake ilnesses and genrally cheated but is just sailing through - you need to get your sucking up together :)

Mel said...

Android, thanks! One is for a scholarship to go to a European Court. I will be over the moon if I get it. I'm trying to brush up on my French for the interview. By watching french films, ahem. That's a legit form of study, yeh?!

Any news on your end?

Law Minx said...

Wow, Mel, its all shaping up wonderfully!Is the proposed scholarship/stage with the EctHR?! I am GREEN with envy!!!! I do hope you get it - what a FAB experience it will be!!!!! ( oh, and sod the near and MINOR floppage - one slightly wide of the mark wont even begin to DENT your VC! :)

Mel said...

I dare not mention the name/nature of the scholarship for fear of major jinxage but, I suppose there aren't many european courts that it would make sense to go to?!

But it would be *so* very dreamy and wonderful indeed. And I do think that my recent experiences have rather nicely led up to making me a much better candidate for it than a month or so ago. Fingers crossed and all - but this time I am going to walk into that interview room with a much better sense of my own abilities than I did last time.

Last time (also a major flop) I walked in as a meek, silly little thing reeking of 'throw some money at me if you have some spare, I'm alright really!'. *shudders at memory*.

I'm in fighting spirit this time :)