Thursday, 15 January 2009

Legal Research

I'm done with my Civil MCT and first Advocacy assessment. Both passed without any significant hitches, not amazingly well but as long as I passed then that's ok.

With Legal research however, I am having 2 areas of difficulty:

1) Not knowing any basic Contract/Tort law

2) Laziness

These are a working against my achieving a thorough and well thought out research answer and opinion.

Back to the grindstone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel

How did you find Advocacy? I really dont know - I am sure I passed and did some text book stuff. I am also sure I threw in a few potentially red carding stinkers.

I feel your pain re legal research. At least this year you dont have the opinion at the same time! My advice is really concentrate on the route. Most of my year failed (about 75% on the P/T) and most said their feedback was due to their route.

I personally found that remedies "notebook" had some good stears too - dunno if its relevant this year.


Mel said...

Hi Ginge

Meh, advocacy happened so quickly. I don't think I messed up drastically, but it was only barely competent. Many instances of asking essentially the same question many times, failed to get some important facts out, and stopped and said nothing at a couple of points! But hey - XIC isn't really the sexy side of advocacy is it? It's slightly worrying that my next practice of this skill will practice!
On the assumption I've passed that is.

What did you feel were your 'stinkers'?

Are you a part-timer then? No, luckily we have another 2 weeks to submit the opinion. Any extra tips for a good route?

I will give the remedies book a look, thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Yes - part time year 2.

There was one bit where I remembered I had forgotton to ask something and said "sorry can I jut take you back to.... question..(about STUFF - STUFF WTF DOES STUFF MEAN its certainly not formal language!)... sorry about that thanks.. ok, back to where were were ..." It was just filler-tastic and as i knew it was bad I was deffo screwing up my face ARGH

I also ran out of time and threw in a stinker at the end which is possible borderline professional conduct failing too!!!

I could have done so well to - had the theft one and deffo elicited denial, navigated around the inadmissable and isulated etc but you just dont know how much you will lose for the bad stuff

I mean the "notebook" not the manual (although I would look at the manual quite closely too and the case preparation manual)

Re the route just make sure it is a perfect mirror of the examples - ie proper citation, court, all the updates etc. I think the oven one was quite good to follow. sigh I forget the name as I am in pain thinking about it. I did reasonably well in the end but it wasnt without losing hair and many, many litres of water out my eyes I tell you!!!