Friday, 16 January 2009

I know this is meant to be a blawg, but

...the law does tend to be a bit peripheral here, doesn't it? (except for my generalised complaints about it). Please excuse another further totally non-law post:

Post Xmas diets*. What a pain. Walked 5 miles yesterday - felt good, especially when I looked at the pedometer and saw how many calories that meant I'd burned. I'm trying to make this a daily habit (have been walking about 3 miles a day this week).

But this morning I feel curiously light headed and have all the mental agility of Homer Simpson at the end of an evening at Moe's Tavern. Having a cup of coffee before bed probably not the best idea.

Will just have to have a massive lunch to perk me up. Bang goes yesterday's burn!

I'm trying not to make a big thing of it at home though, just trying to be a bit healthier and feel a bit lighter and perkier. I have a teen-aged sister who is showing rather worrying signs of a very disordered relationship with food and weight, and I'm trying to be a helpful big sister and keep her on the right track.

Hope the other dieters out there are faring better!

*Although it goes back a bit further than Xmas. I brought home a bit of excess baggage from the States, you might say. Damn that pizza joint on the corner!


Lawminx said...

Hi Mel,
You sound as if you are keeping in great shape walking/running - are you trying to do the ten thousand steps thing on your pedometer?, but eating in a boom and bust fashion isnt too good for you as I'm sure you know. Small regular meals seem to do the trick, cutting out some carbs and eating plenty of fruit and drinking lots of water. Having said that, its hard to eat to keep in trim when a little sister begins to show signs of a strained relationship with food/weight/body image in general so I commend your efforts whole heartedly! :)

For myself, bieng at least two stone overweight, well,I was going to follow the Atkins diet, but cried off for health reasons.
That said, I am following a fairly stringent low carb diet, and so far, with exercise, I've lost a stone. This isnt to say that it will stay off, because I suspect its mainly the loss of fluid and certain, er unmentionables that's done it, but Im going to stick with it and see what happens next. I must admit I feel better for shedding the carbs - am eating a lot of fruit and vegetables with very little red meat and a great deal of chicken and fish - feeling a bit more energised and finding that things just taste better.

Mel said...

Well done Minx! A stone is not insignificant - can't all be water weight! It's very good to hear that you're feeling well with it.

I am going for the 10,000 steps minimum thing (although I don't wear it all the time). I find I feel so much better generally when I do a lot of walking. And I can't abide by gyms so housework and long walks is probably the best it's going to get!

I tend to be pretty healthy - with just a few too many treats thrown in on top. Especially when essays and research tasks are asking to be drowned in biscuits and tea! But otherwise all good.

I do like being a big sister. It makes you feel quite worldly and wise. (!)

Swiss Tony said...

Mel, well it didn't take you long to get back on your favourite subject of food again.

I like those pedometers. I wear mine all the time. I find that if I sit at my desk and cross my legs it registers a step. I can easily do 1000 steps without leaving my desk.

I also found that kicking the dog registers 10 steps a kick. I managed nigh on a marathon before the poor hound was rescued by the RSPCA.

Don't diet. Flab is good.


ps Why does your blog always have a food related security word? Current (currant!) word is 'cream cake'

Mel said...

Flab, Swiss? Who said anything about any flab? A gent doesn't jump to conclusions!

When I think of flab I think of the Simpsons episode where Homer is having his body fat analysed and the scientist doctor man swipes his stomach and then counts to see how long it keeps moving for. And waits. And waits.

I don't wear the pedometer all the time for that reason (kicking the dog). And because I'm forgetful. Also, I don't like the clicking sound it makes when it does register a step (or a heavy breath, as the case may be).

Cream cake *mmm*.

Android said...

I am planning on starting to eat healthy again and avoiding sweets and biscuits, but managers keep bringing chocs to work, trying to cheer us up... or destroy us?!

Anyway, I have recently become an owner of a mini-stepper... :D