Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Getting a proper job

It is exam time, and so naturally I am thinking of all things except revision and exams. Sorry, assessments - the lingo is a bit different when you're paying this much for it. (My cynicism re the BVC and value for money knows no bounds).

And so I am looking on to May, June-ish time. I have not applied for pupillage for next year. So what exactly should I do with myself? Being in London, I am sure I can find some sort of para-legal work, but that's not very exciting is it?

Any suggestions welcome.

ETA- Also: To Olpas or not to Olpas? That is the question. I might leave this joy for next year. If you never apply, you can never be rejected!


Law Minx said...

Hiya Mel,

A belated compliments of the season to you ( I have been sidelined with whooping cough, of all things!!)

What about working inside the court system - as a judge's clerk perhaps, or for the CPS as a caseworker, or failing all of that for an NGO which may reflect your interests, such as those in pubic international law? Just some thoughts.

To OLPAS or not to OLPAS? Most DEFINATELY to OLPAS!! It is a strange application process, but I think it essential to give it a whirl because it is one that has to be learned.
I know I am a FINE one to talk in this respect since I have been for the longest time of a 'never apply-never rejected' sentiment, and took rejections far MORE to heart as a crushing estimation of my abilities than the interviews I managed to secure, but I think we both have to get tough, bite the bullet and do it! After all, not asking means not getting!
Further, in these days when pupillages are bieng offered a year in advance by increasing numbers of really good sets, it may be possible to have your cake, and eat it! :)

Mel said...

Whooping cough? How very Victorian of you! Hope you have a speedy recovery, Minx!

Good suggestions there, thank you.

I have a stupid question re Olpas; if you apply in the Summer, e.g. in Summer 09 session - is that for pupillages starting '09, or '10? Or are they to start '10, and '11?

I suppose feedback if available may be useful, going forward. But I don't want to spoil my chances!

Law Minx said...

Some start in 09, others '10 (though the ones starting in '10 tend to be the non OLPAS Sets) - tis best to check chambers websites on this front through pupillages.com or through Delia Venables fantastic site.

Android said...

Hey Mel,

Good luck for the exams! I'm sure you'll do great anyway

I think you should definitely OLPAS, even if it's just to see what's it like and try out various writing techniques - there's never too much practice!

What do you mean by a 'proper job' by the way? And does it have to be legal or non-legal?

Mel said...

Hello Android

Thanks for the good luck wishes!

By a real job I mean something a bit more long term. I think I've done a fair few internships etc and I'll just look like a flighty floozy if I spend another year doing 3 months here, and a month there.

It probably has to pay a salary. No, it definitely needs to pay a salary. Not looking for a significant sum though, long as I can cover my costs.

And most definitely law related. It would be all too easy for me to get sucked into cake-baking for life...genuinely! I want something which will ultimately help make me a better lawyer.

Ooh - and it doesn't have to be limited to London. Anywhere in the world!