Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I find myself being dragged away to lie on a Thai beach with a Singapore Sling or five, and so I shall be unable to post for a wee while. I shall return when the BVC starts - in a few short weeks.

I have been reading the comments on a Facebook 2008-9 BVC group and my, my - I simply cannot wait to be in the company of such types as Ms A, who left comments thus:

-'Hello all, I just won X scholarship from Y Inn. I'm very pleased.'
'-I want to find out about options, because I didn't like my options on the BCL. That's the one at OXFORD'.
-'Oh I would like to do that option, they didn't have that option on my BCL at Oxford'.
-'Actually I'm deferring for a year to go do the LLM at Cambridge. Ciao'.

Actually, I am looking forward to the BVC and like to think I've developed a high threshold for over-plumped egos. Hope all is well in the rest of the blogosphere.


PS - Any holiday read recommendations (or good reads in general) would be welcome!


Law Minx said...

What cruel and unusual treatment, Mel, to be DRAGGED to Thailand and FORCED to relax on a beach!!! I feel your pain!!
Have fun, send us a virtual postcard! :)

Are all those comments from the same individual? If they are, I recommend a smack upside the head with a non stick frying pan at the earliest available opportunity. Its one thing to be smart arsed and quite another to be smart!

'See' you soon!!

Bar Boy said...

I suggest you sit back and wait for her to make a total arse out of herself.

I once was lucky enough to sit at a table at a charity function where a certain QC was one of the guests. He introduced himself to the others at the table merely as Jonathan, I'm in law. Not, I'm a once in a generation intellectual collosus and you should all be mightily impressed to be in my presence. Go figure.

Mel said...

Oh yes, I did paraphrase a tad for comic effect- but only ever so slightly. I am most glad she has deferred, but imagine there will be many persons of a similar type! I did wonder if it was just me betraying a non-Oxbridge, non-scholarship chip on my shoulder - but there was something awfully windbaggy in her tone!

Merci buckets indeed, Minx! All that shopping and eating won't do itself *sigh*...

Bar Boy, I have also been struck by that phenomenon - how many people who could probably get away with being really stuck up are incredibly lovely. I had a similar experience with a female QC whose CV could make you quake, and she was the loveliest thing you could ever have met!

I plan to do a lot of sitting back and letting people make idiots of themselves. Only this way might I prevent myself being one of them!

Law Minx said...

Good Holiday Reads: The Time Travellers Wife, The Tyrannicide Brief, My Family and Other Animals. I'd come up with more, but I think I'd bore you to death.

Mel said...

Merci! I'm popping to Waterstones now to do lots of judging of covers :)

(eek minor problem with registering at ICSL - seems I'll be missing the first week of term and they're none too happy! Dooooh).

Anya said...

I have checked out that facebook group and I know the person making those obnoxious posts! She is actually not as bad as she comes across there in real life, I think she is just insecure as she has now applied for pupillage for two years running to no avail...

Mel said...

Hey Anya

Oh dear- I didn't mean to malign/ libel anyone in particular! It was just an illustration of a common personality trait amongst wannabe barristers - being a tad full of oneself, or at least coming across so! I am very guilty of this.

I'm sure she's lovely, and surprised she hasn't had pupillage success with all those qualifications - but then that's before the BVC itself!

Anya said...


No no, those comments were completely obnoxious and I do think less of her for making them, I'm just quite surprised by them given her usual manner and think it can only be her insecurity. I think she thought with all her qualifications getting a pupillage would be a walk in the park and it really hasn't been. You didn't malign her, she maligned herself! And it's not libel if it is justified! :)