Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Dreaming of Bonfires

Had my final class yesterday - on Professional Responsibility, I have a final exam on Friday.

I have one more book to add to my mountain of books - I'm not going to take them back to London, but I have to hold onto them until November, when the results come out.

At which point I can either give them back to BarBri and get my book deposit back - I think not - or I will probably sell them on. They will give you back $250 and scare you by saying that if you sell the books it's a breach of copyright or something - but people often sell them on Ebay etc. I think for about $700, which is much fairer given that you pay $1500 for the books themselves. From this year to next, February or Jan little will have changed (February's Barbri lot use the same 2008 books in fact) so I should hopefully recoup some costs. So now that I've sold the fantastic Albany experience, I'm sure I can entice someone to buy some second hand lovely law books!


Boy is pushing for a sacrificial pyre disposal method. I think this would be unwise at this stage.


Law Minx said...

Law Texts Eh? Can't live with em, Cant live without them! I cant believe you actually have to physically hang on to them til November - and there must be an AWFUL lot of them! If you dont bring them back with you, with you leave them with a friend or store them or something?!
In any event,I'm sure you'll be able to sell them and get a good price, but the Boys suggestion that you burn them is, to me Sacrilige! What did those poor books ever do to you?? ( other than torture and confuse you MERCILESSLY for months and MONTHS on end with HUGE and horribly incomprehensible tracts that need to be read at LEAST 50 times before ANY of it sinks in, whilst attempting to forbid you both adequate ammounts of sleep as well as a a life?!?! )

Mel said...

I'm so not bringing them back.
If I sell them, it'll probably be to someone over here, but more importantly I need all the baggage allowance I can get for handbags and other purchases!

Now, I'm of the opinion that no good can come of burning books, but these aren't really 'books', just instruments of torture attached to the course. If they were real books they'd be available on Amazon, init?!

I do hope the ICSL volumes are better...wishful thinking ay!