Thursday, 14 August 2008

Back to the grindstone

I got back a couple of days ago, and have since been...basically lazing about. Managed to fit in some cooking for my Dad, a whole season of Mad Men and a lot of sleeping. I'm jetlagged! Look, I know it's only a 5 hour difference and I spent the last week there lazing as well but.... ok, ok, ok, I'm just plain lazy!

I thought I might not do any temping work until I start the BVC...because I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks (look, I've never been to Asia and when will I have the time again?!) but my agency called me and I'm really bad at saying no, so looks like I will be back at work next week. I was sorta hoping to go from a New York happy daze to a sorting things out at home and chilling daze to a girly holiday in a place that has really cheap scarves daze, but alas looks like I will have to get my pencil skirt on and get dictating.

Shame I can't dress like the secretaries in Mad men do, that would be fun! I was born in the wrong decade, raging sexism and pointy bras sound like a lot of fun!

In other news, my kid brother made his Uni offer to study physics - go bro! And hence the pic above :)


Law Minx said...

Too clever by half, thats what I say- Too clever by HALF!! Dashing about all over the globe and going off to study rocket science at some completely uber intelligent university - what's it all coming to, eh??!
Seriously though, congrats to your brother for having a brain the size of a planet; dont work too hard and enjoy your amazing hols - you deserve it!!

Mel said...

I know, I'm so proud! It's great because since he started his Alevels all I've given him for birthdays etc have been Steven Hawking books haha.

And he actually reads them...and understands them...!?! It's all beyond me I'm afraid!

I left physics behind at GCSE. I had a really rubbish teacher so I didn't understand anything - I ended up teaching myself Physics the weekend before the exam sat in the garden shed on a blanket in the company of spiders! Very Charlotte's web meets Einstein (not).

Thank you - I intend to eat lots and lots (big surprise there), take lots of pictures, and look at pretty things and say 'ooh' a lot. That's my definition of a good hol!