Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Are you familiar with fail blog? Here's an example:

Mostly VCs, a couple of competents. 4 fails.

So, I've managed to fail the BVC overall. I need a big FAIL stamp on my head.

I should point out - I didn't attend those exams. I mean, only a total berk would actually fail the BVC, right?

I was ill. For quite a long time. Except I didn't get my evidence in on time. Because I'm a total berk. I shall of course be appealing the decision, but at this stage it looks like I'll be excluded from applying to a bunch of different chambers. Which makes a total shambles of everything I've been working for for the last few years.

On the one hand, I'm seeing my dreams go up in smoke before my eyes and know that I lit the torch paper. On the other hand, with the health of some close relatives apparently failing and other issues, including persistent ill health I'm finding it hard to maintain any stable emotions about anything much at all.

I'm watching other blogs and the Student Room as I'm interested in the progress of others. I've heard some interesting stories, including the one about 4 people invited to drinks at a set offering 4 pupillages (after the second round and before the 31st July, crucially) in a wink wink effort, and the one about the girl who sent in two applications to a non-Olpas set because she wasn't sure they'd received the first one. She received two responses- a rejection and invite to interview.

I'm pretty glad I didn't apply this year- but I'd at least have been able to apply to a bunch more sets than I'm looking at at the moment.

To add insult to injury, there will almost certainly be some exhorbitant charging for re-sits.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mel

My heart goes out to you in sympathy. I think the BVC is a terribly badly examined course, although it doesn't help you now.

It sounds quite discriminatory if you had a long term ilness?

There are virtually no pupillages to apply for at the moment anyway, so you will have passed by next year and can go ahead as normal. If its any concellation with only 240 on the City pass list there must be 600 people in your position, which surely has to arouse some debate about what they are playing at?

Android said...

Hey Mel! :'(

I'm soooo sorry about your 'fail' (it's not really a fail!). I know someone who genuinely failed the BVC because of playing computer games too much during lecture/seminars, so they deserve a permanent stamp!

You've done really well so far with your achievements, so please don't think that this incident will have a major effect on your career prospects... You are a very able individual and you have genuine reasons for underperforming on the BVC. I really hope that you get a chance to re-sit those assessments as a first attempt.

Student room is a joke... I can't bear to read it anymore. I'm glad that Simon Myerson is reading it too, though.

Poonam said...

Hey I love fail blog but I wouldn't ever class you as a fail!!

From what I know the BVC is hard and having passed something is better than nothing. I'm sure when you have to re-sit you will show them whats what!! Besides you were ill anyways so they must take that into account! Don't give up :)

I hope it all works for you!

Michael said...

Very bad luck about the result, Mel, though it sounds like you've done extremely well just to hold things together with everything that's been going on in the background.

As Andro says, you've got genuine reasons for the result which you can point to and this by no means undermines all that you've achieved before this blip.

I'm sure you can pull it all together and turn it around, though I recognise that shelling out on the resit fees makes it doubly tough to bounce back from.

Law Minx said...

OH, Mel :((

**** Big GIANT Hugs********

I, too, am sorry to hear about your Fail which ISN'T a Fail because you have extenuating circumstances -consequently the provider is absolutely COMPELLED to allow you to redo those assessments as fist sits. You've had a string of VC'S and there is no reason why you should not continue as you started!!

For what its worth, I had a terrible and hugely embarassing physical inccident occur to me during my negotiation assessment and the provider was nothing but sympathetic so I am absolutely POSITIVE yours will be the same for you, because they will surely have realised that, given all your wonderful achievements to date ( The New York Bar!! Need I say MORE?!?!?) that you will make a fine FINE Barrister.

Having said this, please after yourself and make sure you are well, or you will have Nurse Minx ( In ITU Mode) to contend with!!!

I too have given up going to the Student Room; I'm not entirely sure if EVERYTHING being said there is completely the truth, or just a massive exercise in psychobabbling one another out!

barmaid said...

I'm sorry Mel, don't know what else I can say apart from 'chin up', it'll all work out just fine.

Swiss Tony said...

Hey Mel, You have the wrong approach i am afraid. No-one else I know has passed the New York thingy what you done, and if you didn't even sit the exams its hardly a fail is it.

You know that had you been well enough, you would have more VC's pinned to your chest than a parade of Gurhkas, so take a step back, get yourself well again, and step back into the fray with that determination and guts that you have in bucketloads.

Meanwhile, I am feeling inclined to be unwell so that Lawminx can come and nurse me. Cough cough.

Don't let this hiccup get you down because its not failure, its life, and life throws some curveballs at times.


LM, I really do think I am coming down with something now.

Mel said...

Thanks for the supportive comments, guys. You are a kind corner of the web.

LG - Hmm. Have me human rights been infringed? I'm sure that can be a ground of appeal! I doubt it though.

Android- thanks - I have I get to sit as a first attempt, that would be fine. And fair, I think. I've given up on SR too...it's hardly reflective of anything really.

Poonam, thanks for the support but I disagree, I don't think the BVC is hard (to pass). It's a basic competency level course. I think I would self select my self out if I genuinely sat all the exams and failed more than one..maybe two!

Michael - re resit fees and having to wait until September to appeal : [redacted as innappropriate blawg content, but will be sent to Guiness as an attempt at most amount of 4 letter words used in a complete sentence. Also redacted as instructions suggested to City were physically impossible].

Minx- *hug back*. Thank you. I have been wallowing in cake and chocolate. This has made me more huggable, but is not helping the illness. If you swing by London way, please come over for a cup of tea and take my temperature or something.

BM- (will email you shortly, promise) and thanks - I am keeping my chin up. And fists, where BVC is concerned.

Swiss. I do hope you're not really unwell. Nor that you're going back to selling cars (or making them with your bare hands and wit as the case may be). Maybe the New York Bar will help mitigate all this on my CV.

One things for sure, to quote one of my best mates (I might be confusing him with Rab C Nesbitt mind, they dress alike. And smell alike). I'll no let the bastards get me down!

Mel said...

PS- Poonam, if you like Failblog I also recommend There I fixed it.com (you might already know about this online shrine to duct tape, it's pretty popular). Not that I've been burying my head in the sand using popular media and food or anything ...

Poonam said...

I hadn't heard of that site you mentioned, just looking at it now and it is hilarious!! Thank you and chin up :)