Monday, 27 April 2009

More good news

I mention Boy every now and then, but I try not to say too much about him. After all, this is my blog and not his, and so I try and respect his right to privacy and all. However, on this occasion, I simply must tell all and sundry who is willing to listen to me!

Boy left a rather cushy job in another country, where he had a 15 min walk to work and was listed as a rising star in the legal directories there. He left this job to come over to the grim South Eastern Circuit, where he had no guarantee of getting advocacy work and was not interested in joining a firm. He was subsequently a "self-employed person without any work" for rather longer than is comfortable (more than a few months, less than a year). It was starting to look as if we'd both end up Trainee Baristas at Starbucks, any day.

But Lo! A forward thinking and innovative set has decided it will take a chance on him. He had a sort of tenancy, sort of pupillage arrangement. At a set that I could only dream of I should add, because his credentials are rather more stellar than mine. His CV gleams like fireworks in the night sky, whereas the sparks in mine are more remniscent of a toddler sticking a screwdriver in a socket*.So well done him!

* I did once do this. I was not a toddler, but more at the thick end of my teens. I was shot across the room, and the tip of the screwdriver melted. And so ended my flirtations with DIY, and began my relationship with frizz-reducing hair serums and anti-twitching** medication.

PS - I realise, embroiled in applications as we all are at the moment, that this qualifies as the sort of thing that people don't want to be hearing about. But - and this goes out particularly to the mature students amongst you - he is non-traditional. Very non-traditional, and certainly non-Oxbridge/public school. So, it should be encouraging that his set took a punt on him, and reflective of some sort of progress at the Bar. I'm certainly encouraged by this.

**That bit is a joke. But I could still enter a Dom King lookalike competition.


Lost said...

Thats good news!!!
Obviously you can't name the chambers but I hope its a good one!!
When is the wedding now that he has a good job?

Law Minx said...

What fantastic news, Mel! You must soooo be head explodingly PROUD of him!!!!

The legal ether has understandably gone a bit quiet amid us BVC'ers both present and past given that this is the HEIGHT of the Silly Season and ( by my watch) the deadline for the opening gambit of initial application hits in about ten MINUTES( to say nothng of the dread assessments) but I wouldnt expect any of us hanging out here would find your happy news in the slightest bit grating- in fact, speaking as a crinklie, I am much encouraged!!

OOO whens the wedding?? I've seen a fantastic virtual hat, Y'know!!!!!

Mel said...

Hey guys - indeed, v proud! V V proud!

Can't name the chambers, indeed - but they are good. Tier 2/3 people in Chambers and Partners listings, if that means anything.

Issues with wedding. Family related - non-approval of certain members.

But otherwise, all good! Hopefully wedding will be next Spring :)