Tuesday, 31 March 2009


...are out tomorrow for Drafting and one of the Advocacy assessments. Eek.

In other news, mini-applications a frenzy. Well, I have done a list of places to apply to, but not yet actually sent anything out. You see, for all my legal experience of various types I've only ever actually done 2 minis. And one was really work experience when I was still studying the 3 'R's, so I don't suppose that really counts.

Actually the chap I was followed around Snaresbrook Crown Court for a week or two back in those halcyon days was, I suppose, a bit of an inspiration. It's all his fault that I became taken with the glamour of the law, and justice and that malarky. I should probably drop him an email or a letter to say thanks. I'm not terribly sure what to say, though.

Mind you, once this session of applications is up the tone of that letter may change somewhat!

I had another mock interview at City, and apparently my style is much improved. My first interview, I came across as 'lacking passion' and my answers were too short. My answers are still quite short, but I think I showed a bit more of the spark of life about me.

Summer days are a-coming

Will they find me joining the dole queue? Double eek. Must find myself another bar qualification to do...!

I did get an email regarding internship opportunities (interest piqued) in international law (beginnings of excitement) researching war crimes (mouth beginning to froth) allegedly committed by the IDF in Gaza (hang on a minute...).

Umm. Precisely the sort of work I want to do, but that's the same Gaza with the wall still up, and the limited electricity and supplies, and the people being killed and dying every day? The one that the FCO website suggests "it would be foolish to go at this time", and further that they provide only limited consular support to anyone crazy enough to head out that way.

Maybe I am a complete champagne socialist and coward after all. I thought it might work, but then I ran the possibility past my mum, whose response can be paraphrased as 'No. Hell No.' and Boy who similarly said:

"It would be a bit of a pain if you were to go and get yourself shot. That would put a real damper on the wedding."

It does sound awfully interesting though, and precisely the sort of thing that inspires me. Readers of this blog will know that I am a complete international law nerd. Maybe I'd be fine?

Is travel insurance even offered for unstable regions such as the Occupied Territories?

VCs for 3 subjects so far, woo. Legal Research was a big shock, I expected to barely scrape a pass in that one.


Android said...

Best of lucj for your results tomorrow. I'm sure you've done really well and have nothing to worry about!!

In relation to Gaza... As interesting as it sounds, I'm with your family on this one - it's not worth the risk! :)

barmaid said...

Good luck to you too Mel, we'll be just fine?

Michael said...

Fingers crossed and all that for the impending results! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah good luck Mel - I only have Chief to get - I have woed myself into getting a bare pass (if I am lucky) ARHRHRHRHRHHRHRGGHGHGHGH

Mel said...

Merci peeps!

The provisional results are out, and I'm happy. I handed my research in a day late, so I will have 4% deducted, but I should still be in the VC mark range - but only just.
Heading over to see how BM got on...!

Btw, can anyone tell me how I can change my links list so I can see which has been most recently updated?

Anonymous said...

Just scraped the VC - PHEW - my average is in trouble due to PC I think though, so I am treading on dangerous ground now!!! ARGHGHGH I wish we could get the other results.

barmaid said...

Well done:-)

Re: the blog list. I think that you go into 'dashboard' - click the 'ad a gadget' at the bottom of page and I seem to think it is one of the options in there, can't remember which it is though, probably is just called blog list or something similar?

My word verification is 'pupfus' :-)

Lawminx said...

Excellent News with respect to your results!! Well done Mel, and , indeed well done Ginge!

Even though the gaza job sounds interesting, it isnt, unfortunately worth the hassle it will represent, unless you tend to make an extremely long term go of it, in which case we're talking years, not months. International law is indeed a tremendous topic, but practically speaking, any gains made are small, if any gains are made at all (parts of the Convention Against Torture, for exmple took, the entire CAREERS of very many lawyers even to DRAFT, let alone see come it into force) and the language of diplomacy and compromise become everything. Satisfying work? Yes. Frustrating? Definately. Best, I think to seek a stage doing similar work perhaps with the International Court, or the EctHR. At least there you'd only get shot at verbally.
(Word verification ' ' HotTomm'. Indeed.....!)

Mel said...

Thanks BM - I've sorted that now. Much more efficient than clicking through to all of them and trying to remember if I've already read something!
(Did you have that feeling when it came to revision at the end of the year that I did: when you'd look at a textbook and could swear blind that you'd never read that book/chapter, only to realise there are annotations every now and then in your own handwriting? Not just me, I hope?!).

LG- well done! It's all about scraping by by the skin of your teeth (for me anyway!). Hope you do as well for the rest :)


Very good point you make. I was not able to achieve much in my 3 months as a researcher in America, 6 months on an issue this colossal would almost certainly be even more frustrating. I am looking at those organisations you suggest. I'm hoping my prize in PIL will help boost some applications there!

barmaid said...

Mel, I'm donkey's years old, my life is a perpetual mist of can't remember's.

I have forgotten most of what I revised for the MCT and have to look up even the most basic of rules - "Turnbull? Who the hecks Turnbull?" "Oh yes I remember now".