Sunday, 29 March 2009


Yeesh. Picked up the Pupillages handbook. April is gonna be a bundle of fun, isn't it?

I've just gone through and noted all the sets I'm interested in applying to. I note two things: firstly that I have far more than the 12 Olpas sets that I can apply to. Secondly, there aren't many non-Olpas are there?

Actually, I also have a third point. I hear (and read) of people sending out over 100 applications (like that chap who wrote for the Times, now writes for Legal Week? Alex something? Android interviewed him, you know who I mean?). And yet, there are not 100 sets on my list. about 30 max, and that includes a few *dream* sets that I need to rub off and accept that when it comes to those sets, I'm a bit like one of those Pop Idol/X factor contestants who think they are Britain's answer to Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey/Celine Dion and are actually tone deaf, nasal mouth breathers.

I didn't mean to compare some of Britain's top legal minds to the warbling likes of Carey and Dion. Perhaps a better analogy could be found, but my point is that I think I know my limitations.

So, 100 applications? Surely there's only that many sets out there, and you couldn't possibly coherantly apply to all of them?


Android said...

Yay, Mel - you've almost entered *The Portal*!

Considering there's around 500 pupillages every year, most of which are in London, I can understand how you can gradualy apply to 1/5 of them. For someone who wants to practice outside London, in the North West in particular, there's only like 20-30 places... I can't imagine what it would be like, writing up 100 apps though. I'm go insane!

Mel said...

Hey Android :)

I've just come across the whole 'Oxbridge Training Contracts' story on your blog, and others. Managed to slip my radar- it's just not cricket, is it?!

I've got about 30-40 sets on my shortlist so far. I know there are some areas that I don't want to practice in, so I don't see the point in wasting their time and mine with applications.

Are you applying to some of the same ones as before? Don't miss the deadline again for that one that invited you to apply!

But only 12 on Olpas = no fair!

Mel said...


And the Pupillages portal seems to have crashed, or not be responding. Not terribly surprising, I must say!

I'll try and get mine in before the deadline, I imagine this will be a recurring problem.

Anonymous said...

I applied to loads last year - the 12 olpas then about 25 or 30 non olpas. I will prob do the same this year, new OLPAS sets but the same non olpas ones (although there are not as many), as I have a couple more things on my CV - such as FRU, Mashalling and Debating - and BVC results this year so I think applying to the same sets is ok. That will push me near that figure in just 2 years!

Android said...

I know - I can't believe the portal crashed, again. They owe us 2 days now!

I will be applying to the same sets I think, plus some others... And I will not miss that deadline again, I hope!

Law Minx said...

Given that I am presently in the throes of Sloth,my Dears, The only thing I have to say with respect to the sheer energy, enthusiasm and excitement you're all generating during this, the season of the silly, is that I am comprehensively Knackered, Battered, and not a little bit SHATTERED!

I wonder if a suitable analergy for us all is the Cheeky Girls and Chambers Lembit Opek??

Mel said...

Dear Minx, you do sound like you need a bit of reviving and refreshing of the spirit!

Hot chocolate? Shoes? Glimpses of sunshine poking through as we get towards April? Loud shouty music? Drink and their accompaniments? Try them all and more!

I'm presently ODing on chocolate and biscuits.

My enthusiasm was all very well, but I couldn't even GET to the form! That's very dispiriting.