Sunday, 14 December 2008

Hope and change in 2009

2009 will mean, at some point, the end of the BVC and all the joy that comes with. It will hopefully mean a fabulous new job for Boy, but more momentously for the rest of the world we will be saying buh-bye to Bush.

News story today about his farewell visit to Iraq covered the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at the outgoing President. The most amusing element for me was that the BBC felt the need to comment that in Arab countries, this was a sign of extreme contempt. I'm no anthropological expert, but I feel like this would be somewhat insulting in countries beyond the Gulf and the Maghreb!

Couldn't find a picture of the said throwing of shoes, terrible shame.


Law Minx said...

Gotta Love the Beeb - first 'the Barristers' and then a complete statement of the utterly obvious....!!!

The BVC will be over before you know it - it literally is all downhill after Christmas!

Android said... - there you go, Mel

Mel said...


I have to say, I love that someone threw his shoes at the War Crimes President.

I found it hilarious, although if you actually listened to what he said (the shoe thrower) it's quite sobering- with the first he said, this is from the Iraqi people, and with the second 'this is for all the widows and children' (something like that).

I know it's not realistic, but I do wish that he were tried for breaches of international law!

Android said...

Mel, I agree. This is like the most hilarious and surreal thing I've seen in ages (and depressing at the same time).

The future is not looking bright for the journalist though - I read that he could get up to 7.5 years in prison for that...