Sunday, 7 December 2008

Barristers, episode 4.

Leaving aside for a minute the fact that this programme annoys the hell out of me, I was watching the finale episode tonight.

'Tenancy decisions are subject to ratification'. Sorry, WTF?

Because there's not enough hurdles in this crazy profession.


Lost said...

I know how you feel!
This part of the show made me livid.
Fair enough to say that I will have no interest in Dr Johnsons Crap-Buildings..

however we don't know at how many other sets this happens at. I think we should compile a list and ask all people to boycott them.

Android said...

I wonder how often this happens in the provincial Bar

Mel said...

I suppose as the guy said onscreen, it depends on Chambers' constitution, in some cases the Pupillage committee's decision must be final - although hard to imagine that many barristers would stand for not having some sort of a say.

Anonymous said...

I think it will happen more and more unfortunately because, with thousands of unpractising barristers quite frankly it can.

That chambers rejected me. If I was in the position I would grovel grovel grovel. Because I am under no illusion that pupillage and the early years on tenancy will be truly fagging in the old fashion boarding school sence. Good luck to those of you who believe its so inferior you wouldnt have to go to such a chambers!!!

Lost said...

I didn't say it was inferior Legal Ginge, I just would not go back to a chambers that obviously did not want me to be there.

I think Kakoly lost a huge amount of self respect when she came out of the office, and she said she wouldnt want anyone else to go through what she has gone through.

I think it would have been fairer to put Kakoly's accusers in a room with Kakoly, give Kakoly some weapons and see how many come out alive.

Mel said...

I suspect there might be a Code of Conduct issue in that option, Lost!