Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Start of the year blues

So I'm settling into the BVC and have been to my first Inn function. I've met a few nice people, and the diversity on the BVC is a pleasant surprise.

It's hard to face another year of uni (effectively) though. Paperwork and assignments. I must say I'm very unimpressed with the BVC so far - it seems to be a case of just stating the very obvious. Write clearly. Speak clearly. Learn the rules. Why this needs to take an entire year, I don't know. I feel like the Provider throws a lot of terms at us, and makes the learning of core skills very structured so that we feel we're getting value for money, but frankly I don't think it is.

I'm marginally annoyed that I have to give up relatively few days off (when I was hoping to work) in order to go on Court Visits and then fill in the silly questionnaire (about Court decor or something) afterwards. I have been in court as a mini-pupil, as a clerk, as a member of the public observing, and as a juror. I've sat in criminal court, in family court, in commercial court. I've even seen courts in different countries and been in chambers with a judge. Short of being a barrister, or a judge, I'm not sure what other view I could have of a courtroom. Thus, I'm not convinced of the usefulness of these court visits - but I'm open to the possibility of being proved wrong.

Still, I shall throw myself into this and hope to be a better advocate by the end of it! I did have a rush of 'first day at school' excitement when I first walked in, so maybe there's hope yet!


Anonymous said...

I think we all expect some sort of weird fanfare or something when something happens we don't expect - like getting onto a course which is hard to get onto or getting that elusive interview - but really its just another day!!

People diss the course, and it does have its limitations, but personally I think I have learned loads. Most of the people who dis then don't pay full attention, don't bother with mocks, got a few short sharp "Not Competents" at exam time, so bear this in mind!

Re: the court visits - there will be a LOT of people who have never been on a court room on the course and hence why the programme is set up. It is irritating for someone like yourself - but what you can do is do the reports well and promptly, and it means your tutor will get examples of your work to write references on if you need them before the assessments etc!!!

Android said...

I hope it gets better for you :)

Disheartened Law Student said...

Hi Mel!

I also go to ICSL for my BVC! Which group are you in?

Mel said...

Hey guys - I'm just grumbling, but settling in now. Looking forward to being on my feet this week...though not to watching my performance on DVD...eek!

Good point there ginge, re the court visits - I can score some much needed brownie points :)