Sunday, 21 September 2008

A girl walks into a bar is back...

Melina is back from a long trip, beautiful wedding, and a few missed flights and is ready to kick some BVC ass! Soon as I can get myself registered...

Hope all's well in the blogosphere!


Swiss Tony said...

Mel, hey, welcome back.

I bet the missed flights was due to you eating so much that you couldn't fit in the plane.

I was surprised that you hadn't posted menus and other food related stories while away.

Enjoy grappling with the BVC provider.


Mel said...

Hello Swiss, and thank you. I was considering editing my post to mention the vast swathes of comestible delights actually. I kept a keen eye out for Japanese whalers when at the beach, suffice to say.

Grappling indeed- what's will all these books? Have you made sense of the ludicrous timetable? All the acronyms. It's hard to get back to real life!

Are you enjoying it so far?

Swiss Tony said...

Mel, so far I have found it a wizard wheeze. Usually carrying all the books is making me wheeze!

I am glad i chose the course and provider I did, so all's well so far.