Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Eek! A mouse!

So, I was having dinner with my girlfriend the other night. She had had a big bust up with her bloke, and swanned off for a night in a posh hotel - and naturally she needed my help to fill up the huuuuge fluffy bed and nick all the toiletries. A friend in need is a friend indeed and all that!

So, we were at dinner, and as a pair of London lasses in the Big Apple we were talking about London things and New York things. My friend was just moving into a new flat, in the Upper East Side, an area she had chosen because a lot of the flats and condos were new and didn't suffer the same infestation problems you get in old places, all over the city. Cool places like Greenwich Village, Soho are particularly bad because of the combo of old buildings, and lots of restaurants throwing out a lot of rubbish. So the place is teeming with rodents and roaches. Lovely.

I thought then how lucky I had been to not be somewhere infested, I would not be able to sleep a wink in a house with roaches!!

The next day, it was a dog hot day - I took about 50 showers, incl one just before going to bed. I get out of the shower and head to the kitchen for a cool glass of water when Boy stops me.

"Don't come in here"

"Why?!" (I'm getting ready to get a bit bolshie - no one tells me where to go)

"There's a mouse"

At this point I note Boy's position, sat on a chair with his legs pulled up.

Indeed there are two mice, scampering round a corner of the kitchen, he tells me. He adds that he thinks they're mice... but they could be rats...

You think I jinxed myself at dinner?!


Android said...

Awwww :) Have you caught them yet?

Mel said...

Well... work in progress!