Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Domestic Relations, monkeys.

Had my last lecture today - Domestic relations. All about how Harry and Wanda (H + W) get married, have kids, and what happens when things go wrong. Pretty easy going stuff, as the lecturer noted, we are more than familiar in today's society with family break ups and stuff. And a day spent watching crappy daytime tv will probably educate you in all elements of adultery, paternity conflicts, maintenance and child custody spats...!

A suitably low-brow note to end the course on. Bar exam is 2 weeks today - eek! I'm feeling ok about some subjects - Wills and Dom Rel (above) have seemed more straightforward that I was expecting. So I may be ok on the New York (essay) day - which was the day I was really worried about after all, still have lots of work to put in though because there are lots of subjects - Civil procedure remains the impenetrable behemoth!

On the multiple choice side - it's proving tricky with subjects like Torts, where all the answer choices could be right depending on how you judge the situation. I hope in the exam they are clearer instances of e.g., negligence or non -negligence than the practise q's I've done so far reflect!

Post exam- I'll have about a week free to really explore NY. Thinking of a trip up to Niagara Falls, that would be cool. (Or down...? Don't actually know where they are!).

In the meantime I have been listening to the Arctic Monkeys on constant repeat on the old Ipod these days...must download some new music to help stave off the crazy. Am I the only one that needs loud music to dance about like I'm having a fit to in times of stress?

This is when an extra room in the flat would be really helpful, Boy's peals of laughter are somewhat inhibiting! :P

Talking of monkeys though, the BarBri people keep telling us how in many respects, monkeys trained to use 2B pencils could pass portions of the exam, and we are infinitely more qualified than monkeys. Some days I'm really not so sure!


lawminx said...

Hiya Mel,

When it comes down to the REAL nitty gritty, I am sure that you'll be absolutely FINE!! Many if not all BVC providers examine their students with MCQ's, so by the time you come to sit THOSE, you will be an absolute LEGEND at it!!!!
I personally found Niagra to be absolutely STUNNING, but a bit, well, cliched for want of a better word, in tandem with the fact that, at the time I visited it was simply SWAMPED with German Tourists who were more than a bit bolshie, particularly when it came to a trip on the Maid of the Mist!!!
I dunno what to suggest to you with regards your IPod listenings - I personally went totally around the BEND to the sound of the Kaiser Chiefs, but I'm sure you have FAR better taste than me!!!
All the VERY BEST for those MCQ's, you're going to be absolutely FINE, I know it!!:)

Mel said...

German tourists, pain when you're trying to see sights but I've found they make for good bar companions!

I have rubbish music taste - and very er, 'eclectic'! There is a song for all moods :)

Thanks for the vote of confidence!