Sunday, 15 June 2008

Some bastard...

...nicked my paper this morning. How low down and dirty! And it's raining out, don't really fancy getting another one just yet.

Stealing another's Sunday paper is unforgivable. Sundays are all about the lazy brunch and buckets of coffee, a paper big enough to give the paper-boy a hernia, and not getting out of your robe until you get ready for cocktails in the evening... Right?

I hope he gets a really bad paper cut.


Anonymous said...

The absolute SWINE!! It's just NOT cricket, old bean!! Will these colonial heathens EVER learn? that the Sunday paper for the Brit Abroad is an absolutely sacrosanct artefact, revered along with a ridiculously weak and sweet cup of tea and the Queen!?!

Android said...

Just why would you do something like that?! =D